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Drivetrain Distributors (Pty) Ltd

Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd are drive train specialists who comply with ISO9001 specs, and are able to rebuild and repair all transmission/drive train components. At Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd we repair, rebuild and service the full drive train – gearbox, clutches propshafts, transfer cases, differentials (diffs) and CV joints (Constant Velocity Joints). We do this for heavy industrial type equipment, light commercial vehicles and privately owned motorcars. Jump to OUR SERVICES and expand for detailed descriptions.

In South Africa we use the word ‘transmission’ in both the British and American context, which confuses things: The English context being where the expression “transmission” is a mechanical term referring to the whole drive train, inclusive of gearbox, clutch, propshaft, transfer case (if used), differentials (diffs), final drive shafts and CV joints; whilst the American expression – “transmission” – generally refers to a gearbox that can be “shifted” to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio such as in a vehicle.

We have consistently served the following industries for more than 20 years:

  • Automotive dealerships such as Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi etc.
  • Workshops & Repair and maintenance facilities
  • Commerical, Trucking & Mining sectors

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Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd is ISO 9001 compliant and guarantees its workmanship, whether it be gearboxes, transmission, propshafts, transfer cases, diffs or CV joints.  This means that  you can feel secure in your dealings with us. Our service performance is based on the following key principles:

  • Our customer is top of mind.
  • Our technicians are well trained, highly skilled and professional
  • Our products are of the highest quality
  • Our quality control procedures are rigorous and thorough.
  • Our backup services and guarantees are our commitment
  • We recognize that your downtime, costs you money so we commit to our service schedules.

Our motto is “When it comes to drive train / transmission servicing, refurbishing or rebuilding – we provide a quality product, a quality service and we commit to our guarantees”.

Our service includes:

  • A full collection and delivery service.
  • A 24 hour breakdown service to our trucking, mining and industrial clients.
  • You can choose from our wide range of exchange parts to suit your specific needs or applications.

You can rely on our fast telephonic collection and delivery system. In the Cape Town and surrounding areas, we can collect and deliver using our fleet of vehicles. Further away from Johannesburg, air or road freight is your best option. Nationally, all our collections are handled either by overnight road freight or domestic air freight – depending on your needs.

Drivetrain Distributors offers a 15 month unlimited km guarantee

We have vast experience on automatic and manual gearboxes and are able to build and offer service exchange units for the following types of vehicles:

  • Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Renault Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

Gearboxes, diffs, cv joints & components

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Our services

We have the ability to repair, manufacture and balance all propshafts - from small PTO propshafts right through the range as far as heavy Industrial, Mining and Earth-moving equipment. If you need a propshaft designed and built for a specific application - whether it be automotive or industrial - talk to us now!

Our Propshaft Range

We offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service for all types of propshafts. Having ISO 9002 accreditation, all our propshafts are dynamically balanced to 3000 RPM and carry a minimum 12 months warranty.

Truck, Earthmoving, Plant & Machinery

In this demanding sector, we understand that a broken propshaft could cause a serious problem on a busy site! To address this issue, we offer a speedy collection and delivery service where we repair or replace the faulty propshaft in the quickest possible time.

Contact us, or phone us on +27-11-805 4806, to learn more about our Emergency Breakdown Service for Trucking and Industrial applications.

Automotive Propshafts Division

This division offers a large range of service exchange propshafts for most light commercial vehicles and LDVs.

This is very important when it comes to turnaround time! We understand that if your vehicle is not running, then the vehicle is not making money and, in turn, your company is not making money. Its is our aim to get your vehicle back on the road again in no time at all!

For any of your propshaft servicing requirements in the Cape Town area, contact us.
Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd is one of the few companies in South Africa that specializes in the supply and/or repair of Automatic Gearboxes (or Automatic Transmissions); we also supply and repair Manual Gearboxes (or Manual Transmissions).

Our Gearbox and Transmission Services include:

Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd specialize in the servicing, repair and reconditioning of gearboxes, whether an Automatic Gearbox /Automatic Transmission or a Manual Gearboxes / Manual Transmission. Our workshops are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and we have a highly skilled workforce. Our services include electronic fault finding, ECU diagnostics and reconfigurations, TCM resetting, software patches and more.

Our Gearbox (Transmission) Service Guarantee

Any Gearbox / Transmission purchased or exchanged at our company has been fully reconditioned. No Gearbox will be sold until our trained experts have checked it out thoroughly.All our Gearboxes carry a 12-month or 30 000km guarantee provided none of the cooling or lubricating pipes are damaged during this period.

Gearboxes we have in stock:

· Izuzu KB 250
· Dyna M150/M153
· Izuzu KB 280
· G350 Mercedes
· Toyota Hi Lux 2X4
· 16S130
· Toyota Hi Lux 4X4
· 6K150
· Ford Bantam 1.3 & 1.6
· Mercedes G210
· Mazda Rustler 1.3 & 1.6
· RT12509

We Are accredited ISO 9001 service providers for both Automatic Gearboxes and Manual Gearboxes and are based in Cape Town.
We rebuild and supply differentials (diffs) for a selection of vehicles ranging from small cars all the way through to large trucks AND carry a full range of 4x4 diffs

Quality Guaranteed Vehicle Differentials (Diffs)

We supply, repair and refurbish all differentials, including all 4x4 diffs. We will even effect ratio changes as a pert of our service.

Any differential (diff) supplied by Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd comes with a 12 month, 30,000 Km guarantee.

A sample of Our Range of Vehicle Differentials (Diffs)

Just a few of the units we have are the following:

· Bakkies M75 series diff
· M80 series diff
· 4X4 Lock Up Diff
· Trucks: Mercedes HL7
· HL9
· Rockwell SQ100
· Rockwell SSHD
· Eaton
Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd carries a comprehensive range of CV Joints - ranging from the early Golf 1 right through to the latest Sedan and luxury vehicles.

CV (Constant-Velocity ) Joints - High Quality and Guaranteed
All our joints are new and carry a 12 month guarantee.

If we are not able to replace your industrial or automotive CV joints, we have a remanufacturing facility where we remanufacture your existing CV joint and still offer you a comprehensive guarantee.

Our range of CV JointsWe are able to supply the following:

· Lobo
· Matelli
· Glo CV Joints

For any CV joint requirements in the Cape Town area contact us.
Parts and components for the drive train (transmission) industry - Gearboxes, Clutches, Transfer Cases, Propshaft's and CV Joints.

When it comes to the supply and distribution of propshaft componentry for the African market, you have come to the right place!

Only top quality parts and components are distributed by Drivetrain Distributors Pty Ltd. CV Joints, Sleeves, splines, flanges, tube yoke, midslip splines and universal joints are all readily available to be delivered to you when you need them.

Please give us a call and let us assist you with all your componentry needs.

Our Range of Componentry
In the GWB Series
· Sleeves
· Splines
· Universal Joints
· Midship Assemblies
· Flanges
· Tube yokes
· Beaming

In the Spicer Series
· Sleeves
· Splines
· Midship Splines
· Flanges yokes
· Tube yokes
· Universal Joints
· Beaming assemblies



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