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Packaging Centre Midrand

Packaging Centre is a supplier of packaging products to Gauteng, South Africa

Packaging Centre (Pty) Ltd

Packaging Centre supplies a comprehensive range of plastic ware, protective packaging and general packaging products including customised packaging. Over the years we have created and maintained support and trust from our customers, staff and suppliers.

Packaging Centre is a supplier of packaging and wrap across Gauteng, South Africa from our distribution points in Midrand and Pretoria. We are official distributors for Cinqplast, Cinqpet, and Plastop amongst others. See our picture gallery below for examples.

More products available at Packaging Centre include Cinqplast – PVC Containers -Cinqpet – PET Containers – Plastop – Lapack – Jars & Tubs – Caps & Lids – Buckets & Containers – Plastic Bags & Sheeting – Corrugated Cartons (Cardboard boxes) – Protective Packaging – Paper Products – Tape and Labels.

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