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cnr old olifantsfontein & allan rd glen austin 1685, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
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R.M.M Building Supplies

A Family Business that Supplies, Builds and Delivers

From its humble beginnings in 1995, R.M.M Building Supplies & Hardware has a proud long standing history. The organisation is a proudly family owned business, which has grown from only one truck, a loader and a small hardware store, operating only within the Midrand region of Gauteng, to a high capacity building material supplier across the Gauteng Metropolis. With its roots firmly held in a growing market, R.M.M expanded and opened its new premises in Glen Austin. This became the headquarters of R.M.M and is now home to 65 permanent staff members.

R.M.M Building Supplies & Hardware is owned by Miguel De Abreu who is the sole member of the corporation. With a vision to integrate the business innovatively and for the benefit of R.M.M’s customers, Miguel decided to expand into opening a brick yard and quarry at R.M.M’s second branch on Summit Road in the Blue Hills area. Upon commencement, the first brick plant began producing cement stocks and maxi bricks to supplement Headquarters’ brick supply. Two years down the line, Miguel again invested in a second brick plant as well as another sand screening plant at the premises to increase capacity and fully integrate supply of bricks and sand for the company.

The brick yard has now grown to introduce a second hardware store, another rib and block plant, an additional sand screening plant as well as a secondhand salvage yard. The salvage yard buys and sells secondhand building materials in order to help recycle usable building material and tap into a much broader and larger market of price sensitive customers adding to the group of companies.

Today, R.M.M Building Supplies & Hardware continues to innovate and grow its capabilities into sand removal projects, recycling, improved efficiencies and better processes in order to continue improving its core value of superior customer service.

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cnr old olifantsfontein & allan rd glen austin 1685, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

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Products vary and prices vary. Please visit our online shop at our website for pricing.

Please enjoy your virtual hardware experience with us by shopping online for a wide range of featured products and larger building materials. Our online platform is very easy to use, but if you need any help along the way, please do not hesitate to give us a call so that one of our friendly staff may lend a helping hand.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking in our virtual hardware store, please visit any one of our two branches in Midrand & Centurion that stock over 10 000 items in a variety popular brands including:

Woodock, Stevensons, Alcolin, Black & Decker, Cobra, Ellies, Eureka, Flash Harry, Eurolux, Stanley, Africhem, Zodiac, Lasher, Siltech, MiTech, Pratley, Swartland, Stabila and many more.

Visit R.M.M Building Supplies & Hardware Online Shop

Bricks & Blocks

Please visit our website, contact us or visit us in Midrand or Centurion for pricing.

Two types of SABS approved bricks and two types of SABS approved blocks are manufactured at R.M.M’s bricks and blocks division.

The first is normal cement stock brick and the second a maxi/RDP brick. In terms of blocks, R.M.M manufactures the rib and block system for slabs as well as the bigger hollow building block.

Currently, R.M.M is integrating processed building waste (processed rubble) into our bricks and blocks. By doing so, R.M.M has successfully developed quality 10mpa green building bricks and blocks. This move has helped ensure that R.M.M promotes responsible and sustainable building practices in South Africa in a move towards a more environmentally friendly way to build using a quality recycled R.M.M products.

R.M.M has successfully reduced the amount of building waste to landfill and the use of virgin materials by over 50 percent. This move has helped ensure that R.M.M promotes responsible and sustainable building practices in South Africa. This move will help ensure an environmentally friendly way to build using quality recycled R.M.M products.

Building Supplies & Hardware

Both of R.M.M’s hardware stores are stocked with all the essential building supplies and hardware needed to build or renovate from foundation to roof. Our stores also stock all the necessary finishing items needed to add final touches to customer’s building projects.

R.M.M has a fleet of 15 trucks across its two branches.

R.M.M has the capacity to deliver half, 1, 4, 6, 12 and 20 cubes of sand at a time, 5 000 and 10 000 bricks off crane trucks, 8 ton flat bed trucks for cement and lintels as well as 4 ton trucks for the delivery of smaller items.

R.M.M believes in a 24 hour turnaround time on all deliveries to ensure friendly, fast and reliable service to all customers. Don’t have time to come in to our stores, but need an urgent delivery to complete your project? R.M.M has now solved this challenge by allowing customers the opportunity to place their orders online via R.M.M’s virtual hardware store. Ultimately, R.M.M would like to use technology to save customer’s time and money by evolving and simplifying the ordering process, while maintaining the hardware experience.

Ease of use and convenience is what customers want. Online shopping will enable customers to operate their businesses and complete their projects efficiently with as little hassle as possible. Customers will now be able to login to their personalized profiles, shop, pay and receive delivery for their building supplies and hardware from the comfort of their homes or work.


Please contact us or visit our website for pricing.

Cement is essential for the building industry and without cement neither R.M.M nor the building industry would exist. For this reason, R.M.M has integrated another element to add value for its customers by becoming a cement depot. This has drastically reduced the rates on a wide range of cements offered by the cement industry. R.M.M stocks a wide range of cements for all client’s different needs and purposes. PPC, Sephaku and I.T.E are the three major brands R.M.M stocks on its floor.

Cement may just be cement, but each brand of cement has its unique qualities for different purposes when building. In order to enable customers to make an informed decision regarding which cement they will require, for the specific type of building they will need to do; R.M.M has provided information on all our cement brands below. These are the exact specifications and standards of each different type of cement from the factories themselves.

Building Material Salvage Service

R.M.M’s vision in undertaking the Salvage division is to turn all customers’ unwanted roof and building material from their sites under renovation into cash. The idea is to bridge the gap between clearing customer’s sites efficiently and effectively while gaining them some cash back at no hassle or extra cost. This will ensure that client’s projects may continue without delays. Worrying about storage, hiring of trucks to transport unwanted material and the hassle to sell the material will be a problem of the past with R.M.M Salvage Operations.

Unlike R.M.M’s competitors, R.M.M will not charge to salavage, collect and transport the stripped and removed building material. All that the customer would need to do is strip the site under renovation and we will do the rest for you.

A representative from R.M.M will evaluate and determine a fair price for the materials on site, such as I.B.R/ corrugated roof sheeting, Roof tiles, door frames, window frames, glass, electrical, plumbing, wood etc. At this point, a date will be set for the collection of the agreed, stripped and intact material to be collected and transported away within a day or two depending on the size of the project.

On the day the material is to be collected, clients will be compensated in CASH for their goods. Please note however that we will not be able to buy and transport any rubble from site.

Who knew that the material taking up space and holding back customer’s projects would generate them some cash before their project even begins, at absolutely no expense to the customer?

Sand & Stone

R.M.M collects sand and stone from building sites that require large scale excavations. The sand is loaded and taken to the Summit Road branch where it is then processed through two sand screening plants. To date, R.M.M is able to extract, collect, process and stock pile, from these alternative sources, fine brown building sand, plaster sand, G4, and backfill.

In addition to R.M.M’s operations at its Summit road branch, a new sand screening plant, specifically for plaster sand, has recently been commissioned in Bapsfotein about 45 minutes out of Midrand. At this site, R.M.M has secured a large volume of quality plaster sand which will sustain the supply of plaster sand for a few years to come as plaster sand supplies from the Vaal region are currently diminishing.

If companies are in the process of clearing sites, digging foundations and building large projects, R.M.M has the capacity to clear the sand and stone taking up space on sites in an efficient manner at no cost to the client. Depending on the type and quality of sand available from excavations, R.M.M’s fleet of 6,12 and 20 cube tipper trucks will be able to load and clear the material without a hassle.

R.M.M stocks additional varieties of sand and stone including, river sand, compost, topsoil, 13mm stone and 19mm stone.
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