Finding Common Purpose | Overcoming Common Hurdles

0 thoughts on “Finding Common Purpose | Overcoming Common Hurdles”

  1. James Mashele says:

    I do like y’alls attitude an’ objectives.

    But, until I can see that this site is as well disseminated by Google news as PoliticsWeb currently is I won’t/can’t be makin’ any use of it.

    After all, there be no real point in preachin’ to the choir, eh?

    Also, I know the name and the reputation of James Myburgh, the editor of PW and I ain’t the foggiest, beyond y’alls own say so, as to y’alls authenticity and agenda.

    “About the CCF” be too vague and uninformative. But good luck wit’ y’alls future…

    1. Craig says:

      Hi James – You are right. The site is not as well put together as it could be. The About page also needs a lot of attention, but I would like to think that the written content in the articles posted is where you’d find value and not in the aesthetics of the site. But agreed, I need to find more time. I administer 17 different websites and am a one man show, but agreed.

      Reputation & Agenda – I think in the few posts on here, there is no doubt as to who I am or what my intentions are. Having said that, I hope that should you ever visit again, you will find a more comprehesively aesthetically pleasing and more more easily navigable site to interest you.

  2. James Mashele says:

    Oh! Now we gotta be moderated too.

    That wern’t mentioned afore!

    Be that ‘nuther wurd for “censorship”? Do we gotta be treated like mischievous children waiting for parental approval?

    PW don’t play games like this.

    See y’all aroun’…

    1. Craig says:

      Yes, foul language will be edited. This is a family show. You have used none therefore your contribution has been published as you wrote it.

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