Oink South Africa - SABD BlogNot ALWAYS from a business perspective.

While the South African business directory service finder is about business, there is so much more happening in the world from a humanitarian, sporting and social view. The SABD Blog is about an opinion, a view, a perspective of different things and hopefully, with your input, from varying people like yourself with their own perspectives to share. A dog is never a dog until it wags it’s tail and barks, right? Wrong. At other times it might bite you. Reality often requires a rude awakening.

The SABD Blog

The expression of self is often the seeking of self or the journey toward discovery of self. And oftentimes too, we will discover that the journey to discovery of self is constant … for we are forever changing. … maturing … never fully grown. That is a good thing for us on both a personal and corporate level. Life is about keeping a balance, after all. Well, for most of us anyway 🙂

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