Would You Do Business with a Killer?

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  1. Don Richards says:

    wow craig u are no disgrace. few who rise above what life throws at them can come back from it. god be with you as you walk forward

    1. Craig says:

      Hey Don – I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this and making the first comment a positive one. I do disagree with you though. I do not only think, but I KNOW there are many who can “rise above what life throws at them” and many who have. However, we live in a society which hammers a lot of people down because of what life has thrown at them – whether it be poverty, abuse, crime or the colour of one’s skin etc. It makes it very difficult to stand up to life and still be hammered for it. We are not born into an equal circumstance nor do we lead equal lives. The only thing we are all born with that is equal, is the ability to change … for the better or the worse. Change is the only constant … and because we can only measure life in terms of time, change is the solution – for better or for worse. My message is merely that we cannot keep on smacking down what is essentially a social flaw. At some point we need to realise that crime is a social issue. We cannot allow our emotions to determine how our prsion system plays itself out on the ground. It is dangerous. A large percentage of your crime out here comes from in there (Prisons). Who better to tell you than someone who has been there and is prepared to sacrifice everything to take that message across? Well, I am here if anyone is prepared to listen long enough to understand and not just long enough to form an opinion 🙂 Sorry for the long reply, but it is something I am passionate about. Thanks for hearing me out and for your wishes – Craig

  2. Don Richards says:

    great response craig very thought provoking. thank you

  3. Craig says:

    Hi GorconOrg – I’ll never kill or live a life of crime. In fact, I contribute. It may not be much right now, but I am sure my contributions will grow. I am not sure what you mean about the life of Christians? I have not mentioned Christians in any way. However, I am a ‘fence sitter’ as I believe in one God for all and respect all religions. Having read the Word a number of times (with plenty time on my hands to do so), I concluded (and this is just my own opinion) that Christianity is about Forgiveness & being Born Again through the blood of Jesus. He died in order that you could live and all he asked is that you love one another as he loved you. Is it Christianlike to call for the death sentence? Why would you deny me the God given right to life and the right to salvation at His chosen time … as the Word suggests? Please, I understand this is an emotional issue, but let’s keep it down to people and what we need to achieve without killing one another. I for one have had enough of that.

  4. Peter says:

    What a wonderful god-fearing Christian you are. I see the redneck in you has won out over the supposed Christian. May you get all the peace, love and kindness you deserve in your narrow-minded and sheltered life. Thank you for adding to society, finding positive solutions to issues and encouraging those who wish to make themselves and their environment better.

    It sounds like you’re devoting yourself to a positive change. Good luck. It seems like your current and future life is commendable even though your past is not. May there be many more like you.

    Let us keep hoping there will always be more people who are trying to turn their negative lives around than there are people adding nothing to society but pointing fingers.

    1. Craig says:

      Thank you Peter – The support is much appreciated. I have to believe in change. It isn’t easy and people are seriously biased upfront, but when I receive comments like this, I know that I am right. Some are confused but all are inherently good. We just have to dig deeper and harder as time goes on 🙂

  5. Dee says:

    “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer”-Denis Waitley

    I was curious to find out who would set up an advert with such a heading, and was forced to visit your blog. Initially i thought it was a referral to someone else until i visited your blog and found out that i was wrong.

    Craig, if you are serious (and i believe you are) about moving ahead in life then you’ll have to learn to leverage on the lessons you have learnt from your past to teach others not to tow that path, and to inspire others. Yes, it can be done. You will need to build your brand all over again. Will you succeed? Yes you will if you are genuine. Will you inspire others? Yes, you definitely will if you are serious about it.

    There are a lot of figures in South Africa who committed crimes, spent time in jail, came out and used that experience to motivate and inspire others to become productive citizens who add value.

    First things first, i am glad you are starting out with a blog. That is cool.
    The first thing you need to do ASAP is to build and regain trust. Trust is the currency of success in today’s world because it is lacking. There are many ways to do that. But the easiest way for you will be to start by telling your story. You may need to work with the correctional services department to build your brand. They will promote you as an example of someone who has been through their facility and turned out to make a difference.

    You may need to work with them to give talks in jail and serve as an inspiration to others who are about to leave jail and be reintegrated into society. There is no limit to what you can achieve my friend. The world is open with possibilities and never ever let anyone tell you that something can’t be done. You go ahead and prove to them that you can. And pretty soon you will silence your detractors.

    So back to your question, can you do business with a killer? My answer is NO! But i can do business with a reformed killer who has shown over a period of time that he has transformed and is capable of adding value. You are first of all a human being, and so long as you can change your mindset and mentality, then anything is possible.

    You might want to first of all get inspiration from ex-cons like Gavin Mckenzie, Kenny Kunene, Vanessa Goosen, and the other South African guy who was given a life sentence in a Thai jail but who was released recently and has written a book (i’ve forgotten his name)

    You might even want to connect with these guys to get the moral support you need (if you need to) Its not going to be easy, but you will have to prove to yourself and to society that you are no longer a killer.

    On a last note, when you write your blogs, pick out topics that have a lesson and reframe your heading to be inviting and not scary. Slowly but surely, you will eventually build a network of people who trust you and will be willing to reach out and help you.

    1. Craig says:

      Hi Darlington, (as was my response on LinkedIn)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an extensive reply. There is much good advice there and I’ll be sure to consider all of what you have said.

      I dealt with prisoners on the inside for many, many years. Dealing with them, one on one is not going to achieve anything for multiples of reasons. My focus is society and the system, not my business or my brand.

      You mention having the department of Correctional Services and them using me of an example of how the system turned me out. Forgive my brashness, but that is bullshit. They almost killed me friend … they left me on hunger strikes for weeks. They would not listen and will not until society makes them. Politicians have failed.

      So, my audience is not prisoners. Society is. My brand is not my focus. The Incarceration system is. Once we focus as individuals on the system and you make the system conducive to constructive change, you deal with individuals en masse.

      Doing business with me. I have over a thousand clients. Since I have started on this road, not one has had a comeback which has been negative if they have even responded and many have been informed. Of course I will continue as long as I can and if support ends, I will find another road … but you know, Darlington, I think, I’ll be okay. People will listen for long enough to understand and not just to form an opinion.

      Thanks a bunch for your time and advice – Craig

  6. Mahadi Miya says:

    Mahadi Miya

    Preferred Partner and Facilitator at Master in Mind International

    I would like to share my experience as a motivational speaker and coach, who also does work in the South African correctional facilities. When I go to do my work, I go as a normal person who goes to speak and to interact with other normal human beings. I do not look at the inmates as killers, robbers, rapists etc. When you speak to people and are able to reach the inner human spirit, then you can believe in change and the power of the human spirit to prevail and rise above any atrocity or misfortune.
    When prisoners are done serving their time, they don’t go to some godforsaken place to live there on their own, they come back to society. They become part of our society. Society would do better to understand their situation and assist them with integration back into a normal life. Their criminal records make them unemployable, which is a double punishment in a way. I have tremendous respect for those who come back with a new mind shift and start businesses. Yes, I would do business with an ex-con, as long as he/she is open, upfront and honest with me. I don’t judge anyone for their past actions but about what they can deliver at that moment.

    1. Craig says:

      Hi Mahadi – You have a great attitude toward change. The human spirit is indeed a powerful thing when we tap into it. I just want to draw on one thing from your post. You say when prisoners are released …

      ” …. they don’t go to some godforsaken place to live there on their own, they come back to society. They become part of our society. Society would do better to understand their situation and assist them with integration back into a normal life.”

      This is my thing. The idea that prisons are separate from society is a dangerous notion. It is also very untrue. The prison system is a part of society. It is there to address social issues, therefore it cannot be set apart from society. The point I am trying to make here, is that prisoners never leave society, they only leave the social stream. They are placed within a system which is designed to assist society in maintaining safety, physically removing those who harm and pose a threat to society AND PROVIDES a SYSTEM on the ground which is conducive to CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE.

      It is the notion of separation from society which causes the the actual functioning of the system on the ground to become totally misrepresentative of what a normal functioning society would be. The question I like to ask is: How can a normal functioning society place a man in an environment which differs from the norm for years at a time and expect him to conform to the norm when released back into it?

      Separation IS the punishment. The system on the ground should be representaive of a normal society with daily demands WHILE THE PRISONER IS IN PRISON, which reintegrates through a process WHILE SERVING A PRISON TERM and not only when he is released.

  7. parnildh4 says:

    Heart-wrenching account!Gave me goose-bumps! Takes immense courage to come out to the world like this. Bravo!
    You should write a book on the ill-effects of the present incarceration system on the mind of a criminal, & suggest reforms too.

    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes bravery is just a longing to deal in truth and not try and convince the world of what we aren’t back at the ranch 🙂 The book is called “IRONIC” and when it is ready, I will send you a copy. Ha ha! I’ve been writing it for a very long time. I have suggested reforms, sent a few emails, but realised very quickly, that to convince those in power there is a better way is literally impossible and would be a full time job. As long as corruption rules within our prisons and those who control it can leach off it, there’ll be no change … no matter how sensible. Unfortunately, there is a trend in the world … cents have replaced sense. And it’s really, really cheap!

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