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The more information you add to your company listing will increase your chances of being found in directory results and on search engines.


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Categorized and relevant browsing of listed service providers make it easy for service seekers to find a company within their location.


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Over and above SEO, SABD provides a smarter way to invoice, get bookings, engage customers, request quotes and find jobs.


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We are a proud marketing partner of the Car Service Industry in South Africa

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The South African Business Directory is FREE and numerous banner advertising opportunities will arise as we travel the web and grow our optimization. The SABD offers the tools and platform for SMMEs and franchisee to create a launching point toward local and national marketing success.

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The dual purpose of SABD & Service Finder is create an online environment where both customer and business can vent their needs and projects. Instant interaction with no third party between you and your client or service provider.

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People are looking for businesses to do their projects all the time. At SABD we offer a service to both the service provider and seeker and bringing both together in just a couple of clicks.

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South Africa’s Business Directory & Service Finder offer a virtual office from which you can market and manage many aspects of your business using highly optimized tools & SEO.

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Get a free business listing and use the tools which best suit the requirements of your business. Affordable and powerful marketing with awesome administrative tools to save you time and money. CONTACT US ABOUT FEATURED COMPANY STATUS, YOUR OWN SPECIALS PAGE, A BLOG POST ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS or submission of your listing to the directory. SABD provides a simple and effective approach to marketing and managing your business on the World Wide Web. We've been optimizing websites, hosting and writing for the internet market for 12 years. More than a directory, we provide a service to all the service providers and seekers out there. The new South African Business Directory with Service Finder is a FREE and POWERFUL TOOL for BUSINESS.

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The Free South African Business Directory Service Finder has easy to use marketing and administrative tools which are unique and powerful in their simplicity. Our jobs section, invoicing and booking system is seamless. Whether you are a customer or a company, South Africa Business Directory now comes with two sign up options which enables customers to communicate quickly and efficiently with business.

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